Sunday, 7 February 2016

Kolkata I miss you and My adorable stay in various parts of West Bengal

Remembering and re-experiencing my good old times in Kolkata
An unforgettable phase of journey!

Enjoying the Blessed  showers at  Bandel Church 

Howrah of Howrah on Hooghly
This is how we dine every day!

Street children  you find everywhere 

Even in this high speed modern world Hand - pulled rickshaws are still available

Chota Bhim taking over hand -pulled rickshaws

My co-sisters... We lived together for couple of years!

My sacred places 

I watered this garden until the day I moved out!

Hooghly river dashing  into Bay of Bengal behind me
The place where I knelt down and prayed every day!

On the way to Kolkata!

My brother, counselor and well-wisher! 

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